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Getting serious about social media

If you’ve been following our weekly reviews of Audi’s mini-series for the A1, ‘The Next Big Thing’, or our previous review of Volkswagen of America’s PunchDub campaign then you’ll be aware that some brands are still finding the move into digital marketing something of a challenge.

Social media is changing the marketing landscape.… Read the full article

Digital marketing website ClickZ describes the UK campaign to launch the Mark 6 Golf GTI, which offered the chance to win a car for 3 months by competing in a scalextric-like on-line driving game. Our automotive magazine, Drivers Republic, ran a parallel competition within the campaign, The Drivers Republic League, which offered readers the additional opportunity to join the team for an action packed day driving the new GTI at Millbrook proving ground.… Read the full article

Innovation drives change

Matthew Valentine writes for Marketing Week about the climate of gloom surrounding traditional print media. He argues that this climate is not shared by its digital and customer publishing counterparts which are embracing creativity to drive change.

Article Extract

“Creativity has always driven the growth of media brands, but the speed of change in recent years has left some familiar names reeling in shock.… Read the full article

Web development agency Lightmaker was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Website Development by the Interactive Media Awards™ for its work on the Drivers Republic Website.

The honour recognised that the project met and surpassed the basic standards of excellence that comprise the web’s most professional work. The site was honoured specifically for excellence in the Automobile segment.… Read the full article