Bankrupting The Guardian

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Controversial and ever popular Westminster blog of Guido Fawkes sees the launch of Drivers Republic as a catalyst to the downfall of the establishment.

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“Guido has always believed that the nature of the statist BBC and the non-profit making culture of the Guardian encourages a statist and non-profit making culture to dominate the thinking of the political class.

These two media organisations of course see themselves as providing intellectual and moral leadership. The knee jerk “government must do something” attitude of the two organisations supports the statist consensus.

Breaking that consensus is an essential condition for the post-bureaucratic age..

Auto Trader profits have financially supported the salaries of the journalists who write environmentalist anti-car editorials in the Guardian. Now a group of former journalists from Autocar Magazine and Auto Express magazines have launched an online-only magazine With a bit of luck it will be a deadly competitor to Auto Trader…”

Publication:Guido Fawkes’ Blog, Read the full article>>

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