Our Story Changing markets for the better

Fitch Media was founded as a business accelerator for innovative early growth stage companies, providing support in strategy, design, marketing and recruitment. We focus on innovation-driven small and mid-cap ventures with proven traction, those with evidence of real customer engagement and a team which works together.

We work alongside private equity funds in qualifying new opportunities for seed and venture financing and work across a range of sectors in the US and Europe including telecoms, media, technology, advertising and automotive.


Our investment philosophy is founded on the following key principles:

  • We invest in people first, ideas second. Many startups reach a point within the first 12-months when they need to pivot, take the best bits of their original idea and turn it into something better. People make all the difference when a business needs to adapt.
  • We back scalable business models, those with the potential to yield higher returns through the investment of more time and expertise.
  • We get actively involved in each of the companies we invest in and thereby mitigate ongoing risk, using our experience of what comes next to avoid any bumps in the road.
  • We look for businesses which are busy solving today’s problems, creating jobs and opportunities with a potential for sustainable long-term growth.


We put you in touch with people who’ve done it before; accountants, lawyers, engineers, marketers – those who can help launch your product or service using tried-and-tested experience. We also offer deep domain expertise in data aggregation, voice and data communication, digital advertising and social media.


Financing innovation

We help businesses with the potential to change the way people live, work and interact gain access to seed, venture, and growth-stage funding. By placing a minority investment, we help companies looking for capital to expand, restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.



We support ventures with an immersive program of guidance, insight and hands-on support, providing strong mentoring, technical and strategic guidance and connections to other businesses in your sector. We directly coach, mentor and provide access to wider market opportunities.

Most venture programs focus on quickly empowering startups then pushing for early success or failure – turning ideas into products or services. While this is still important, the real problems arise when building for scale and holding onto a market advantage.