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The UK Social Networks Landscape in 2007

I wrote the following report back in 2007 with Robin Goad of Hitwise, so thought it would be fun to look at it now – six years later, to see how close we were to the truth. As with most predictions, some have been slow to pass, but I like to think we weren’t that far off the mark..… Read the full article

Getting serious about social media

If you’ve been following our weekly reviews of Audi’s mini-series for the A1, ‘The Next Big Thing’, or our previous review of Volkswagen of America’s PunchDub campaign then you’ll be aware that some brands are still finding the move into digital marketing something of a challenge.

Social media is changing the marketing landscape.… Read the full article

Managing Your Social Reputation

The social media phenomenon has understandably become a major preoccupation for the marketing world. The issue is that power resides firmly with the consumer and that many brands are not sure how to go about using social networks. One wrong move in this environment can become a nightmare for a brand.… Read the full article